Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Branding Change & DigitalPoint Logo Contest

New Branding

As time goes by, things change. NullShells has been around for 6 years and it's time for us to change our name. When we started in 2005 we offered free shells only. Now, in 2012 we offer shells, web hosting, mail, dns, vps, and vpn. We wanted a new name that better reflects our newer services. Recompiled Networks is that new brand name for which we were looking. We feel it better reflects our company, our service offerings; and we've had 3 years to think hard about it.

Logo Re-design Contest

We had a logo which our designer made 3 years ago. However, we wanted something fresh so we reached out to the DigitalPoint community to help us with our logo design. We came back with an amazing experience from working with very creative logo designers.

We had a difficult choice to make in choosing the winner of our re-design contest. We consulted with customers, an art consultant, and used a scoring system to rank entries under consideration. Our scoring was based in three areas originality and creativity, cohesion with our web page as well as the logo itself, and overall simplicity. The results are below:

1st Place

Entry #25 / debayanmitra / debayan.mitra2009 [at] gmail.com

2nd Place

Entry #26 / Animman / andymotanel [at] gmail.com

3rd Place (2-way tie):

Entry #27 / McCoyH / contact [at] logosandcards.com

Entry #28 / logoesdesign

There was so much great work done by the DigitalPoint community. You can find the thread from the contest here: http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=2373280