Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our IPv6 Readiness

I know some of you are curious about where we stand as far as IPv6 readiness, goes and what our plans are as far as IPv6 hosting for the future on our network.

I have had multiple requests for IPv6 web hosting so that is a top priority for us to offer.

We just finished up an IPv6 beta on our shell services that lasted about 3 years, that has ended now and we are bundling IPv6 with shell packages as add ons. Currently these are $0.25 to cover the costs (fiscal and physical) of reverse DNS requests. I will be making them free on paid accounts in the near future. I hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to experiment with IPv6 on our services.

Currently we're working with one of our ISPs to finalize our offering of native IPv6 on our VPS and VPN hosting. We've started the initial planning stages for IPv6 and OS/application upgrades for most services on our network, this should go seamlessly with little downtime. We've currently got the IPv6 SSH, Web Hosting, Mail, DNS, and FTP on our networks slated for completion by Q3 2011.

I've placed a a group of graphs, similar to the ones below, on the right side of this blog. You can follow our IPv6 readiness progress by looking at the overview there on the right. Without too much detail about the individual steps required, you can look below and get an idea of how we calculate percentages.

1. IPv6 Shell Hosting: Complete

null, atom, wave, vector, dimension (+ircd)

2. IPv6 SSH Access: Partially Complete


3. IPv6 FTP Access: Partially Complete


4. IPv6 Web Hosting: Unfinished

hosting & control panel

5. IPv6 DNS Hosting: Partially Complete

control panel

6. IPv6 Email Hosting: Unfinished

smtp,imap,pop3, webmail

7. Backup Hosting: Unfinished

flash**, lightning**, sprite** backup
( suspended beta and will need to be reviewed)

8. VPN Hosting: Unfinished

ssl/tls 2048bit siege vpn

8. VPS Hosting: Nearly Complete
copper*, bronze, silver, gold, platinum

0% = no plan
10% = no ipv6 connectivity, planning stages
25% = ipv6 connectivity, but planning stages
50% = ipv6 connectivity, but waiting for major configuration updates
90% = ipv6 ready & but waiting for config tweaks & improvements
* Removed service: we don't offer this service any longer.
** Suspended service: depending on interest, this service may be offered in the future.