Saturday, February 5, 2011

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

It's been awhile, and things went slow here at NullShells Networks in 2010. I hope you all had a good Holiday Season, and were able to enjoy time spent with your friends and family. Don't worry, you didn't miss out on any Holiday sales in 2010 there weren't any! We'll have some sales coming up in the future, but for now we focusing on the updates needed to make this possible.

We have a new ordering/billing system, and there is a lot of tweaking to do; I still have to finish linking the services into our billing system. It has a special interface for promotions/sales, etc. and once the services are all linked in with our main page it will be easier to create special pricing for you all. Thanks for your patience, and please email [email protected] for now with any order/upgrade requests. I can enter whatever you need in manually into our ordering system for now. I've run this all out of pocket/for free for the past 5+ years so I appreciate your understanding with the time it takes to finalize the completion of the new web page.

NullShells Networks has new goals for 2011, which will allow us to better serve our customers. I will give you a short preview of what is in store for early 2011.

1) Improved DNS efficiency (80% complete)
2) Faster connections and more resources (50% complete)
3) DDoS attack mitigation within 24 hours (100% complete)

This should all be 100% complete by this weekend. We have always had an active DDoS mitigation strategy, but as of this year the way we mitigate attacks will change. We will continue to aggressively report any and all abuse to the originating data center(s), and our zero-tolerance policy for users abusing our network will remain in effect.

Our IRC Shells will continue to be DDoS Protected.

If there's something you want this year please write [email protected] and give us a heads up about what you're looking for in the future. Right now we're already seriously looking at including svn with our web hosting. I'll read at each email personally and seriously consider all of your suggestions.