Thursday, December 3, 2009

Scheduled Outages

We've created an area for scheduled maintenance listed on the front page, as well as a separate page for outages. In the future you will be able to subscribe via RSS to our outages page so you can subscribe to this feed, and receive a notification anytime we post an outage. We will do our best to keep unscheduled outages to a minimum, but as you know at times this is unavoidable.

Any network events which we are aware of that may affect the operability of our network are evaluated by our staff. When we evaluate whether an event constitutes an outage we will take the following criterion into consideration: point(s) of failure, status of our network monitors, whether or not it is customer affecting (if yes, then the number affected), duration of event, and the cause of the event. The Internet does have minor issues now and again for short periods of time (less than 15 minutes), especially during periods of high network congestion. We will not post any network event which we feel does not satisfy sufficient concern on our outages page. If you feel that there may be an outage then please contact us at [email protected].