Tuesday, January 13, 2009

SSL Encryption is in at Nullshells Networks

I thought I might title this "SSL Encryption is totally in at Nullshells Networks," but then I found myself heralding the 80's colloquialisms such as "totally radical man" and "totally awesome dude" back too soon. Still, that's not to say I've simply decided to hold onto a belief that humanity might just be okay with these left in the past. I figure these can make it back on their own time without my help.

In the meanwhile, take comfort while you're reading that I won't cry when you leave our blogger page to surf the rest of our web pages securely over HTTPS, which is HTTP over SSL. 128-bit SSL is the minimum standard for HTTP based secure communications. This technology is used for transmissions which might include personal information, such as online shopping. We use 256-Bit SSL here at NullShells Networks, and we recommend you always use the encrypted version of our web page by visiting https://nullshells.net.

Okay, you clicked the link, and it says "This Site is Untrusted", or something to that effect. It's because we use what's called a self-signed certificate. This secure certificate we use is an SSL certificate that is signed by it's own creator. That is to say the person that created the certificate has also signed off on its legitimacy. You can be sure this certificate is safe as long as you trust NullShells Networks.

We don't use certificates signed by widely trusted third parties, I see this as an obvious scam. Most, if not all of these sketchy third parties charge exorbitant fees for being able to generate or sign your shared certificates and personal certificates. When you want an SSL ceritifcate with a higher level of encryption than their entry level certificates, these organizations charge you. In addition to that, often times these companies sell shared certificates which are used by frighteningly vast numbers of other individuals.

However, there still are advantages to purchasing a certificate from a trusted third party, especially for those individuals who desire the backing of a trusted organization in order to boost sales. In these cases, we recommend using our servers to begin the process of creating your SSL certificate, by creating a CSR and then sending it off to the certificate authority of your choice.

Our servers are compatible with both self-signed, shared, and other SSL certificates which are available for integration with your websites. We're more than happy to help any of our customers with the process of getting their page setup with the SSL certificate of their choosing.