Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Billing System

I know that there have been some billing system problems with automatic payment detection. This was a feature we wanted in our systems and this is why we migrated to this new billing system at the beginning of this year.

We've now done some tweaks and are able to fix automatic payment detection for accounts that were transfered to the new billing system back in January 2009.

We still check all payments manually as well; however, it can take some time to complete this process.

If you're having any problems at all please send us an email to [email protected] or open a support ticket.

Page Revamped!

Our main page has been merged into the new billing & ordering system at We hope you understand that the changes to our web page will make ordering service and making payments easier for you.

List of Changes:

1. Support area added with a direct link to Open a Ticket.

2. Search Box changed to Search Link in Support section on the left hand side navigation area.

3. Client area added with Client Info, Order Info, Invoice Info accessible on the left hand side navigation area.

4. Alternate Contact Us page with direct emails.

5. Added an About Us page with some quick facts about the company.

6. News is accessible now through the left hand side navigation area.

We've recently got in touch with Brad the guy who did some design on and he's volunteered to help us a bit with design. So hopefully we will see additional improvements soon!