Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Community and it's Security

I joined Nullshells 2 years ago, with one point in mind, security. Nullshells always offers the best security, with up to date servers, and encryption better than most banks. I was able to access IRC using SSL, making my connections anonymous. With the power of FreeBSD, I was able to ensure that other clients on Nullshells Networks couldn't see my files and folders, and I had peace of mind that the admins wouldn't look through my stuff.

Not only do I have secure and encrypted communication to and from the server using SSH, I can tunnel data, allowing me to surf the internet, without my identity being revealed. SSH also provided me with a place to backup my data securely, and with Nullshells data redundancy, I knew my data is always safe there.

Monday, September 8, 2008

NullShells Networks has awesome Web Hosting

Whenever I put up a new website here at NullShells, I'm always amazed at how fast it all happens. At NullShells I can create a website on my account with email, FTP and DNS in less than five minutes.

Recently, I was migrating a site from a company that I paid a year in advance for cPanel/WHM hosting and the migration was all extremely fast. This company had given me a "too good to be true" package which was the only reason why I was there: unlimited everything with a WHM Reseller account for almost nothing. However, it was a scam, and from now on I plan to host all my stuff at NullShells.

Thanks to being scammed, I've learned an important lesson about web hosting. There really are a lot of fly-by-night web hosts out there and you have to be careful about which host you choose. In addition, my experience with cPanel has been really frustrating, slow and even unreliable. I remember so many times Fantastico didn't properly install applications and I spent hours setting up a website that I already had done in cPanel. I also know that with the ISPManager control panel the whole process of getting my website up was so much easier.

So guess what? NullShells Networks is in the business of hosting websites! Yes, we really are! For the price of a single gormet coffee you get the ability to host up to 5 domains with FTP, email, perl, mySQL, Ruby on Rails, etc. You also get access to our top quality support and the ability to host your website on one of the finest networks on the east coast. Don't believe me? Try us out, mention this article and you'll be entitled to a fully refundable 7 day trial period.

If you have websites hosted at another company then you should really consider contacting us. There are a lot of great web hosts out there but I personally think we're one of the best. Feel free to ask us about customizing a package for you; we can usually price match or set you up with a pay only for what you use deal. Get more and pay less with NullShells Networks!